So you want to be a writer. you may be thinking about exploring freelance article writing-perhaps to supplement income, work from home, increase your experience, overcome burnout in your current job, or any number of possible reasons.

People need content for their web site or for their newsletter and are always in constant need for new, fresh content. It is not required that you be an expert in every subject, you are totally free to choose what you want to write.

You don't need a degree in journalism or language. What you do need are ideas, the ability to put them on paper. Now if it is something you can enjoy, freelance writing is great opportunity for you to make money.

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Fabjobs : named the #1 place to get published online by Writer's Digest, the world's most popular magazine for writers. We publish bios and bylines of both freelance writers and experts. For experts who want to promote their services we will publish a link to your website in return for your article or book excerpt. For writers who do not want a link to their site the pay is $10 U.S. per article on acceptance.

Constant Content : If you are a writer, you are doing more than just writing. You're looking for markets for your writing almost as much as you are putting words to paper. This is why you should sign up for Constant Content. Not only can you find buyers for your unique and reprint articles, you also get to set the price for them. You can choose to sell them for whatever amount you want, or you can give them away. You have the power over your articles. You get the byline. You get the glory.

Associate Content : Associated Content is the ultimate information and content exchange for media of all types. We believe everyone is an expert in something, and encourage you to search our multi-media library of knowledge to learn about the information that interests you, and share your own knowledge today !

Write For Cash :Welcome to Write For Cash - where you get paid to write on the topics that interest you! From needlecrafts to networking, we need your articles. If your article is accepted, Write For Cash will pay you between $10 and $15 depending on the quality of the article.

Essay Writers : You can choose the project by yourself and write as many projects as you would like to. Work hard and earn a lot of money and then you are free to take a vacation or work while studying or do something else.

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