So you want to be a writer. you may be thinking about exploring freelance article writing-perhaps to supplement income, work from home, increase your experience, overcome burnout in your current job, or any number of possible reasons.

People need content for their web site or for their newsletter and are always in constant need for new, fresh content. It is not required that you be an expert in every subject, you are totally free to choose what you want to write.

You don't need a degree in journalism or language. What you do need are ideas, the ability to put them on paper. Now if it is something you can enjoy, freelance writing is great opportunity for you to make money.

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Academia-Research : Academia-Research is a service company dedicated to professional research and writing. We support customers in academia requiring timely, high quality, customer-specific deliverables. All work is prepared according to generally accepted editorial and style standards used in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. If you would like to write for Academia-Research, please fill out and submit our application form. We will assess your background and qualifications and will notify you of the status of your application as soon as possible. Qualified candidates will be asked to submit an original essay based on our specifications.

Review Stream : Earn money for writing reviews.

Oatmeal Studios :Write for greeting cards.

Spirit Led Writer : Writer's Guidelines - SPIRIT-LED WRITER is a resource for Christians who write in fiction and non-fiction genres for Christian and secular markets. It is for the beginner, intermediate and advanced writer.

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