So you want to be a writer. you may be thinking about exploring freelance article writing-perhaps to supplement income, work from home, increase your experience, overcome burnout in your current job, or any number of possible reasons.

People need content for their web site or for their newsletter and are always in constant need for new, fresh content. It is not required that you be an expert in every subject, you are totally free to choose what you want to write.

You don't need a degree in journalism or language. What you do need are ideas, the ability to put them on paper. Now if it is something you can enjoy, freelance writing is great opportunity for you to make money.

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Sign Industries : Looking for individuals who have loads of talent and thrive in a team environment. We have created a community without walls, where anyone from any department can share ideas with anyone else and is encouraged to do so! Even if they are working from the comfort of their living room - 3,000 miles way from our main office. Visit the website for various job opening.

Accepted :'s editors are independent contractors who value their independence and flexibility. They also take genuine pride and satisfaction from helping our clients achieve their educational and professional goals. We are seeking editors to add to our staff in the early summer.

Lifetips : Publish experts tips and savvy advice that make life better, easier and more fun. Offer content solutions and link solutions for clients that help grow their businesses organically.

Writers Wanted :Knowledge of a sellable subject. In other words, you know how to do something that people are willing to pay to learn.

Logue It : We are looking for people who have enthusiasm, energy, great writing and a passion for a destination where they live, like say Costa Rica, or London. You could earn between $200 to $600 per month to start - sometimes more, sometimes less but it depends upon the frequency, the location or theme. Plus you will earn a percentage of the site profit.

Paid Writer : Articles typically range from 200-400 words in length and take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to write once the writer has become knowledgeable on the topic. Compensation for each article is $4 USD

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